Elevate 10

Up to 11 Jumpers


  • 2 large pizzas
  • 2 pitchers of soda
  • 45 min at 2 party tables with 1.5 hr jump
  • Free 1 hour jump pass and free shirt for birthday boy/girl
  • 50% OFF coupon for each guest's next visit
  • Free Grippy Socks for all jumpers


Elevate 15

Up to 16 Jumpers


  • 2 large pizzas
  • 3 pitchers of soda
  • 45 min at a party table with 1.5 hr jump
  • Free 1 hour jump pass and free shirt for birthday boy/girl
  • 50% OFF coupon for each guest's next visit
  • Free Grippy Socks for all jumpers


Elevate 20

Up to 21 Jumpers


  • 3 large pizzas
  • 4 pitchers of soda
  • 45 min at 2 party tables with 1.5 hr jump
  • Free 1 hour jump pass and free shirt for birthday boy/girl
  • 50% OFF coupon for each guest's next visit
  • Free Grippy Socks for all jumpers


Elevate 25

Up to 26 Jumpers


  • 4 large pizzas
  • 5 pitchers of soda
  • 45 min at 2 party tables with 1.5 hr jump
  • Free 1 hour jump pass and free shirt for birthday boy/girl
  • 50% OFF coupon for each guest's next visit
  • Free Grippy Socks for all jumpers


All Birthday Packages Include:

  • 90 minute Jump Passes for the all party guests (birthday child jumps for free)
  • 45 minutes at an Elevate party table
  • Personal party attendant that takes care of set-up and clean-up
  • Party plates, utensils, cups, & napkins are provided (you are welcome to bring any additional decorations you desire)
  • Elevate shirt for the birthday jumper and a free 1-hour returning jump pass
  • Each party guest will receive a 50% off coupon for next visit to Elevate
  • 2-5 pizzas and 2-6 pitchers of soda (amount depends on your package size)
Important Notes
  • Additional Jumpers can be added for $19.00 each
  • Each additional person added to a party will be at a per person rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is a party like at Elevate Trampoline Park?
A party at Elevate is going to be the most fun your child and guests have ever experienced at a party! At Elevate, we strive to make sure each party runs smoothly. You have a party host that does all the work for you – from room set-up, to serving the food and drinks, serving the cake, and doing all the clean-up. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the time with your guests. Our goal is for your party at Elevate to be the easiest one yet!
2What is included in the party packages?
Each party package comes with 1.5 hours of jump time, a table in the party room (there may be other parties in there at the same time, large pizzas (cheese, sausage or pepperoni) and pitchers of Pepsi products or lemonade. The number of pizzas and pitchers vary depending on the package purchased.
3What is the structure of the party?

Arrival & Check-In: 15 minutes

Jump Time: 1.5 hours

Table time: (pizza, drink, gifts, cake) 45 minutes (private room upgrade is 1 hour)

Once the jumpers come down to the party table, they are not able to go back on deck to jump.

Please note, your group will not have access to the party area until it is time for your pizza and drinks.  Your drinks will be brought out at the same time as your pizza.

Our party packages are designed to accommodate the number of jumpers included in your purchased package.  If you have additional spectators, you will need to purchase additional pizza and drinks.  Our party tables will seat up to 20 youth (Elevate Party 5 tables only accommodate a total of 8).  The only party packages that include more than 1 table are the Elevate 20 or larger packages.

4Can I purchase additional food and drinks for my guests?
Yes, additional pizzas can be purchased for $15 each. Each extra pizza ordered comes with a pitcher of drink.  We also have other food options that can be purchased and added to your party from the food menu. Please make sure all food add-ons are communicated prior to your party in order for your food to be served on time. Drinks, whether it is an additional flavor, or a refill of flavor already being served to your party, can be purchased for $4 each. All refills or drink add-ons will need to be communicated directly to your host and they will bring it to your party table. Party drinks are not self-serve at the soda fountain.
5What happens if I have more jumpers than my package includes?
If your guest count increases, let us know prior to your party. Additional jumpers (regardless of age) are $16 per person. If your guest count increases to where you have met the minimum for the next package size, you will be upgraded to that package. We will do our best to accommodate last minute changes. If you increase to more than 8 jumpers for an Elevate Party Package of 5, you will automatically be upgraded to the Elevate 10 package due to seating capacity constraints in the area reserved specifically for the Elevate 5 package.
6What is the timeline for the parties?
Check-in starts 15 minutes prior to the start of your party. During jump time all of your guests have free reign of the entire park’s amenities – with the exception of the kiddie court (only jumpers ages 5 and under can play on this court). Depending on the time of your party table, we call your party off the jump deck and to the party area. Please keep in mind, parties with a large number of guests may be given the option of doing gifts at home in order to provide enough time for pizza and cake for all the guests. Your check out time is promptly 45 minutes after being called to the party table.
7What is the table capacity and how many tables come with my party package?
The maximum capacity for each party table is 18-20 occupants. Additional tablespace may be purchased depending on availability. For Elevate 5 parties, the seating is for 8 youth. For Elevate 10 and 15 parties, one table will be reserved for your group seating up to 20 people. Elevate 20+ packages offer you 2 tables with seating up to 40. Should a table that is reserved for another party be used by your party, there will be a $50 table fee added to your invoice at the end of the party.

More FAQs

1What decorations can I bring in?
We provide all the basic party supplies you need for your party – cups, napkins, plates, and utensils. If you would like to bring in themed party supplies such as plates, napkins, cups, and utensils, you may. Tablecloths and other table toppers are permitted as well. If you are bringing in balloons, please make sure they are secured on a weight prior to entering the building. Elevate staff will grab those items from you when you arrive and we will gladly handle the setup with your items.
2How far in advance should I book?
Parties at Elevate fill up quickly, in particular, the weekend timeslots. Parties can be booked online 24 hours a day, by phone, or in person during our operating hours.
3What payment is required when I reserve a party?
A 50% deposit is required to reserve a party. The remaining balance is taken at the end of the party, in case you have any add-ons to take care of.
4What is the cancellation / rescheduling policy?
Parties may be canceled at any time. To receive a full refund, cancellations must be communicated 7 days prior to the scheduled party. Any cancellations communicated less than 7 days prior to the party will result in the loss of the deposit. Parties can be rescheduled at least 7 days prior to the originally scheduled date. If you reschedule a party, the deposit will follow to the new date.
5Can I bring in outside food or drinks?
No outside food and drink are permitted other than cake/cupcakes. NO other outside food is allowed. If there will be participants attending the party with allergies, please speak with a manager beforehand to make food arrangements for that child.
6Who needs to complete the online waiver?
Everyone in the building will need to have a waiver on file. This includes all jumpers, regardless of age, as well as spectators and other non-jumpers. Waivers must be completed by a legal guardian over the age of 18. All waivers stay on file for 1 year from when they are saved out of the Waiver Queue.
7What time should I arrive to check in for my party?
Please arrive at the time given during booking. We are unable to check your party in any earlier than that time.
Field Trips
Private Parties

Get the entire park to yourself! We’ll shut the park down so your group can experience everything we have to offer without being interrupted.

Call (563) 888-5595 to book your private, team, family, or corporate event.

Lock-In Parties

Get the entire park to yourself with a Private Lock-in!!

For more information and to schedule call: (563) 200-5591

Cancellation Policy

50% Deposit is required upon scheduling of the party. All cancellations must be done within 7-day notice from the date of the party for a 100% refund. Within the 7-day party window, the party may be moved for an additional $50. Cancellations within 7 days of the scheduled party date will result in forfeiture of deposit paid.